The staking pool that helps people achieve their dreams of becoming financially independent.

Join our community and talk to people who are like minded.

Our staking pool features and benefits

We are a community of highly motivated entrepreneurs who are committed to the growth and acceptance of the Cardano ecosystem.

Our stake pool consists of enterprise-grade hardware managed and maintained by our technical expertise. Our mission is to enable ADA holders to earn a reliable source of passive income while enhancing the security of the Cardano blockchain.

We are happy to welcome you to join our pool. Together we will help strengthen the Cardano ecosystem and build a better financial future.

Passive income

When joining our Cardano pool we will strive to get our members a yearly 5% return on investment paid out in Cardano. The Cardano will be paid out every epoch (5 days).

No fee

Our fee is currently at a fixed rate of 0%. This means al the block mining rewards will be going to the people that join our pool.

Become part of the future

Cardano is a 3rd generation blockchain. Designed and implemented by professionals. It is the first blockchain built on scientific research.

Partly run on renewable energy

Because of our solar panel installation two of our three servers are run by solar power and thus eco friendly!

Stake pool status

Here below we display the current status of our stake pool.

About Us

Vaporpool has two young founders who are driven to build a stable and welcoming community for people that are new to Cardano!

About me

Hi, My name is Jari. I'm an 21 year old Bachelor student that is currently learning about infrastructure security and management. I've a cryptocurrency holder since 2017. And since I found out about Cardano it has been my absolute favorite cryptocurrency. Together with my mate Alex we set out to build a Cardano staking pool and community to provide back to the Cardano ecosystem. Hereby we provide a stable passive income to our delegators and help make the Cardano blockchain more secure! 

About me

Hi! My name is Alex, 21 years old and an avid crypto hodler. Laying most of my focus on Cardano, hoping to convice you in adopting the coin to your protofolio and our stakingpool. If you have any questions about the pool, Cardano or crypto in general don't hesitate and ask!

About Cardano

Cardano is an cryptocurrency founded by Charles Hoskinson (ex cofounder of Ethereum). He saw the problems Ethereum had and wanted to start his own cryptocurrency with the focus on quality!

What is Cardano and who is Charles Hoskinson?

Watch the video to find out more about Charles Hoskinson and the Cardano blockchain and how it will revolutionize payments and smart contracts.